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I am a photographer and web developer
based in Atlanta, Georgia. Here are some of my
thoughts and a sample of my works.

About Nir Levy

Please see www.about.me/nirlevy

I am a student at Emory University. I develop websites and capture photographs. My clients include big companies like custom case manufacturer, South-Pak and smaller establishments like Cinque Collective.

I co-founded a web design and development firm called Nightly Labs. In High School, I started Lonick Internet Solutions and developed many popular projects under the realm of its network. I also sell stock photography through agencies like ShutterStock and I photograph events in metro-Atlanta.

Big news, I am now providing summer storage at Emory University with Student Sherpas.


Nir Levy Photography

Need a photographer for your event in Atlanta, Georgia?

My works have been featured in publications, newspapers, websites and galleries. I also did studio photography with Clix Portrait Studio.

My photo works and testimonials can be found at several sources. But, for a showcase of my best work, click here to visit my photography gallery.

To book me for your next event, bar/bat mitzvah, meeting, or ceremony, email nir@lonick.com or call (785) LEVY-NIR. You can also fill out my secure online form.

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